Technical data for our solar panel cleaning machines

Our solar panel cleaning machines are comprised of a Weidemann 2070 CX50LP tractor and Norcar a7545 Four-Track MiniLoader with mobile brush. Robust enough to do the job yet narrow enough to be able to easily go up and down the aisles of a typical UK solar panel farm. They also have a tight turning radius. Operating on wheels or tracks means that they can cope with all different types of ground without the driver needing to constantly level the machine. The Norcar is particularly suited to boggier and wet sites.

All machines supplied with a qualified driver/operator. Deionized water for cleaning the solar panels brought to the site.

Weidemann 2070 CX50LP dimensions

solar farm cleaning machine dimensions

Norcar a7545 Four-Track MiniLoader

Make Kubota
Model 1505 Turbo
Cylinders 4
Fuel type Diesel
Cylinder volume cm3 1498
Cooling System Fluid
SAE, gross power kW/hp 33/45
Max gross torque Nm 119
At engine speed r/min 2000
Max engine speed without load r/min 3000
Electrical system
Battery V-Ah 12-53
Generator A 40
Service volumes
Cooling system l 6
Engine oil l 5
Fuel tank l 20
Hydraulic tank l 45
Hydraulic system total volume l 50
Lifting power hydraulic kg 2100
Breakout force 50cm kg 1500
Tipping load, straight kg 1500
Tipping load, articulated kg 900
Operating weight kg 1790
Drive speed low km/h 0-4
Drive speed high km/h 0-10
Pulling force high kg 2400
Pulling force low kg 1100
Hydraulic system
Working hydraulics l/min (33+33) 66
engine speed rpm 3000
System pressure bar 230
Drivetrain hydraulics l/min 84
Drivetrain max system pressure bar 350
Cycle times
Raising boom s 4,2
Lowering boom s 2,6
Folding in bucket s 2,9
Tipping bucket s 2,2
Steering wheel rotations L/R rev 4/5

Morooka Tracked Dumper

Ideal for environmentally sensitive sites where minimum soil damage is paramount

Full length mm *
Full width mm * 1690
Full height mm *
Machine weight kg 2225
Ground clearance mm

Unimog U 400

Technical data:
Engine OM 904 LA or OM 906 LA
Output (Euro 5) kW (hp) 130 (177) or 175 (238)
Max. torque (Nm) 675 or 850
Transmission • MB fully synchronised transmission with 8 forward and 6 reverse gears
• 8 working gears and 8 crawler gears (forward/reverse) with high load capacities also available (optional)
• Electronic automated transmission (AutomaticShift) (optional)
• Hydrostatic drive system, module control (optional)
Electrical system (V) 24
Steering • Hydraulic power steering model: ZF 8098
• All-wheel steering, turning circle Ø 11.5 m, available as an option
• RHD vehicle available as an option
• VarioPilot® transferable steering available as an option
• Turning circle Ø short wheelbase from 14.0 m
• Turning circle Ø long wheelbase from 15.7 m

Mobile brush

Length 4.5 metres
Diameter 300 mm
Material UV-resistant mixture of plastics for a gentle cleaning of glass surfaces
Drive Fully hydraulic
Water pump 200 litres at 540 revolutions