Frequently asked questions about solar farm panel cleaning

Is the machine safe to work on solar panels?

Yes, our machines have been specifically designed and tested to ensure that they are safe to work on solar panels. They have a hydraulic accumulator which can be precharged to a set pressure which allows all hydraulic pressure to be removed from the cleaning arm during operation. This accumulator will only allow the brush to act at a maximum pressure of 50 bar (controlled by the operator). Should the machine run on uneven ground or fall into a hole it will not exert any additional pressure on the panels. The head of the cleaning arm naturally pivots allowing the brush to follow the contours of the panels.

How many megawatts can you clean per day?

It depends on how dirty the panels are and whether we need to use single or double sprinkling. For dirtier panels we would double sprinkle at 20 litres per minute meaning that we can happily clean with our 4.5 metres brush up to 6 MW per day.

What quality control do you offer?

Solar Park Cleaning Ltd has an onsite surveyor who will thoroughly check the panels before signing off. Naturally there will be certain areas of the park that will be difficult for our machines to reach so handheld appliances will be used to ensure 100% coverage.

Do you offer grounds maintenance for solar farms?

Yes, we can offer this as part of our solar farm cleaning service. It is very important that any undergrowth is cleared regularly otherwise it can cause the panels to short.

Why do you use the SunBrush® to clean solar panels?

The SunBrush® brush has specifically developed as a cleaning system for solar and photovoltaic installations whether for roof-mounted installations or solar farms. The system can be operated hydraulically with any of the vehicles in our fleet.

The brush is made for a UV-resistant plastic mixture which guarantees a gentle cleaning of the glass surface.

Whilst driving between the solar panels the brush can be easily swung to the side of the tractor. An efficient working process is guaranteed by the ability to rotate the brush 180 degrees.