Our solar PV panel cleaning services

Photovoltaic panel cleaning

We provide large scale cleaning services to solar farms and parks in the UK and across Europe.

In order to maintain peak performance from solar PV panels it is essential that they are cleaned regularly. Any pollutant such as dust (which the panels on solar farms are particularly prone to accumulating), bird droppings, tree sap or leaves causes shade and blocks sunlight reaching the panel thus decreasing its efficiency. Expert views differ as to what the exact percentage of lost electricity is but it is thought to be in the region of 25 to 30%.

Any kind of pollutant decreases panel efficiency
Any pollutant decreases panel efficiency

It is vital that the panels are cleaned properly by professionals with the right equipment and knowledge for the job and this is where Solar Park Cleaning Ltd can help you. Our operators have undergone extensive manufacturers training courses, are CPLS and IOSH trained, and have hours of experience. We are fully insured and will carry out a comprehensive risk assessment and provide a method statement prior to undertaking any cleaning.

solar farm cleaning

The mobile brush at 4.5 metres long is ideal for cleaning landscape ground mounted solar panels but we also have a 7 metre brush which is ideal for cleaning portrait orientated panels. The brush can be mounted to genie booms and excavators for all types of cleaning applications.

Hand and jet washing

Our highly skilled operators understand the delicate nature of solar panels so they can be hand or jet washed as necessary.

solar panel hand washing

Solar farm grounds maintenance

Solar farms and parks must be regularly maintained. If the area around and under the solar panels is not kept trim then lengthy grass or weeds rubbing against the panels can cause them to short. We provide maintenance services using our Teagle Berti 230-280 inter-row flail mower on a Kyoti DK551C tractor to keep solar farms weed free and thus running at optimum performance.

solar farm ground maintenance service