Working across the UK and Europe

Based in Norfolk, Solar Park Cleaning Ltd (SPC) offers commercial solar PV panel cleaning and ground maintenance services for solar farms throughout the UK and Europe. Our staff are CPLS and IOSH trained. We only clean the panels using de-ionised water which we bring to the site. De-ionised water ensures:
. All minerals have been taken out including calcium and chlorine
· We won’t leave any limescale streaks
· No risk of the aluminium frames oxidising

Our industrial solar panel cleaning system utilises a number of specialised utility vehicles. One of the best in our fleet is the Weidemann Articulated Telehandler, which has an excellent turning radius and, at just 1.4 metres wide, is narrow enough to be able to fit between the aisles of a typical UK solar farm. The mobile cleaning brush at 4.5 metres wide can clean the panels in one sweep thanks to its clever corkscrew design. This winning combination enables us to offer the most efficient solar farm cleaning technology currently available in the UK.